AZDroneFest is a film festival and UAS Expo designed to educate, promote, cultivate and celebrate the art of aerial cinematography in Arizona.  The film festival is dedicated to recognizing the best in aerial cinematography in multiple categories.  Attached to the film festival is an education expo with industry panel discussions, keynote speakers and workshops for commercial drone pilots, drone enthusiasts and aerial cinematographers to attend.  AZDroneFest is owned and organized by USDroneFest, Inc.

AZDroneFest 2021



All films must be 5 minutes in length or less and at least 50% must be shot using a drone or UAV (unless otherwise specified).
Films submitted to the "Narrative category" have no length restrictions and can have less than 50% of its shots being aerial shots. Narrative films will be selected based on aerial cinematography only and will be asked to provide a 5 min or less trailer to be used during the screening.
All entries must be through
Arizona Scenic Landscape


Description: Single film or compilation either featuring Arizona, or from an Arizona filmmaker.

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: $50
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Description: Single film, fiction or non-fiction

Length: unlimited

Entry Fee: $50

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Description: Single film or compilation showcasing nature’s beauty

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: $50

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Description: Single film or compilation of clips showcasing your best work.

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: $50



Description: Single advertising spot/news story or compilation of clips from multiple project or stories.

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: $50
Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 8.13.46 AM

Still Photography

Description: Single still photo taken with a drone

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: $50



Description: Single film or compilation of clips using an FPV drone (racing drone)

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: $50


New Pilot

Description: Honorable Mention to celebrate new up-and-coming drone pilot with no more than 1 year of flying and filming experience.

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: FREE


Description: Single film or compilation of clips used in construction, inspection or other industrial projects

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: $20


First Responders

Description: Single film or compilation of clips used in any first responders' project (training, inspection...)

Length: 5 min or less

Entry Fee: $10


Elena Buenrostro

Women Who Drone

Elena is a Content Producer, Certified Drone pilot, International Speaker, Actress and Founder of Women Who Drone. In addition to educating, hosting, producing and creating video content, Elena enjoys singing Karaoke, watching sunsets, and of course flying her drone.

Tom Middleton

Lush Films / BBC

Tom has over 15 years experience working in professional multimedia production. Tom is a talented Cinematographer/Director at SMN Films in the UK, and a drone operator for the BBC. He has lectured in film production for Staffordshire and Worcester Universities.

Maxime Pontoire


Maxime is a professional aerial photographer/cinematographer and drone pilot based in France. He has flown in France, the U.S., and French Polynesia, winning multiple regional awards. When he is not flying he shares his expertise on photo processing, flying techniques, and product reviews on his blog.

Matthew Price

11 Loud Productions

Matthew has over 20 years’ experience as a cinematographer, camera operator, and drone pilot working for a vast array of world-renowned brands. Based in the San Francisco Bay area and owner of 11Loud Productions, he is a veteran storyteller who brings creativity and technical know-how to a set.

JJ Trinidad


JJ Trinidad developed a passion for aerial film making while attaching on-board cameras to a remote controlled aircraft over 15 years ago. Today Skyecam is a top industry-leading Los Angeles Drone Production Company who specialize in aerial cinematography.


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AZDroneFest 2022

Film Festival  & UAS Expo
Oct. 22, 2022

Grand Canyon University
3300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Eric Legnon

Board Member - Treasurer

Eric is the owner of On Scene Productions, a full service production company in Arizona. As an industry leader who has worked in many different capacities, Eric brings a wide range of experience and expertise.

Brandon LeTarte

Board Member

Brandon is an accomplished athlete, and coach. He is currently the women basketball head coach at Sunnyslope High School. Brandon has a demonstrated history of working in the sports industry (managing/recruiting/sales). Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Coaching, Team Building, Training, and Community Outreach.

Theresa Maher

Board Member - Vice President

Theresa is a graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She is currently the Managing Partner of Hire Story, a video production company specialized in recruitment videos. Theresa brings years of experience and dedication to the broadcasting industry.

Corey Schubert

Board Member - Secretary

Corey Schubert works in media communications and public relations, and is a former public affairs editor and journalist. He's also the co-producer and co-writer of several short films.

Yasmin Tajik

Board Member

Yasmin is a professional photographer and FAA certified drone pilot based in Arizona. She is also a Brand Ambassador for Women Who Drone. Her goal is to inspire and create change by sharing images that document the basic rights we all deserve living on this planet.

Chris Tinard

Board Member - President

Chris Tinard is an award-winning video professional with over 16 years of experience in the field. He has traveled to film clients all over the nation and earned a reputation for excellence in storytelling through film.


Cinematic FPV | A Visual Journey

Director: Danny Mcgee
Country: USA

Bosphorus, Churches and Galata Tower Tour

Director: Yasin Fedakar
Country: Turkey



Director: Craig Murley
Country: Switzerland

Outback Australia

Director: Chris tangey
Country: Australia



Director: Todd Mowen
Country: USA

Luminescence ★

Director: Leo Ginailhac
Country: France


Hard Hat

Director: Saunders Staley
Country: USA

Southtyrol - Cinematic FPV

Director: Alex Kirchler
Country: Italy

22 Weeks

Director: Robert Smith
Country: USA

Love Letter

Director: Stephanie Marie Morales
Country: USA


Sleeping Siren

Director: Devon Foster
Country: USA


Flying Over Switzerland

Director: Danny Mcgee
Country: USA

(Not only) Now it's epic.

Director: Mauro Pagliai
Country: Italy



Director: Craig Murley
Country: Switzerland


Director: Jason Hatfield
Country: USA


Arizona Canyoneering

Director: Chris, Jessica Foncannon
Country: USA

Mighty Wings

Director: Chris Peloquin
Country: USA



Director: Charlie Duncan
Country: USA


Director: William Pitts
Country: USA


The Moon

Director: Saunders Staley
Country: USA